Everything was changing in America during the 1960’s. The war ended a few years earlier and the post-war Baby Boomers were just stopping their boom and giving way to normal American life. Fashion designers also began to change during the 1960’s, as the ‘50’s had represented a clear imitation of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. White sleeves rolled up on a t-shirt and a pair of black jeans was no longer the norm during the ‘60’s and legit fashion designers brought couture into fashion during this decade. Chanel made the first mark on the scene and the change was set into motion.

During the 1960’s, television also came about and more and more families in the United States bought sets to put in their living rooms. What did this mean to the average person? They were now exposed to growing fashion trends emerging around the country. Previously, movies like Grease influenced dress on a wide scale level, but now television characters could do the same thing on a more consistent basis. Television also exposed people to new types of people and different cultures, meaning that bland clothing was completely out of the question.

Starting a trend that would eventually last for another decade, mini-skirts, long hair, and bell-bottoms all leapt to the forefront of American fashion. Loud colors started to become even more dominant in the fashion world and the idea of fashion becoming “trendy” started during the 1960’s. Again, with television started to dominate as it did, trends were starting all throughout the nation as people copied their favorite television actors and actresses. The 1960’s were a time of change in the fashion world brought about by changes in the world of technology. Never again would clothing lead the simplistic existence that it did earlier in this century, as it now defined things like class and social status through the country.

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